The Color, Feel, Play Children’s Book Series

Being a parent inspired my journey to becoming a children’s book author. Teaching my young children how to understand emotions forces me to take a minute and think about if I, myself, understand them. As an adult, we have programmed ourselves to respond to daily happenings in a preset manner. We have built our toolbox of emotions and generally have responded the same way for decades with a little tweaking here and there. 

But how did we get here? How did you learn that breathing deeply when you are frustrated or overwhelmed can help you calm down? Or that it is possible to be happy AND sad at the same time and the WORD for this FEELING is bittersweet? 

Some of these lessons were taught to us. We learned others through the trials and errors of life. And some things we are still learning. But so long as we are always trying to do better, we will continue to grow into stronger, kinder and better versions of ourselves.

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