My Story

Throughout my life, I have found deep passion for two things that most people find intimidating: writing and public speaking.  I wrote my first spoken word poem about the challenges that pre-teens face at the age of ten and by the time I was twelve, performed it in front of 600 peers. My love for creative writing and spoken word poetry led to more than a decade of performing and publishing my poetry.  With a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, I have worked with disadvantaged youth for nearly twenty years in the non-profit sector assuming various positions, including my current role as a remote grant writer. I’m also a stay at home mom!

When I’m not playing with words, I am busy raising two young children with my husband, Adam. Monroe is my tenacious three-year old son and the inspiration of The Color, Feel Play Series. My daughter, Yuna, is one year old and—fun fact—shares her birthday with me! Rounding out our family are our two sweet dogs, Bruno and Winston; also known as the cleanup crew during mealtime. My favorite color is yellow…with a splash of purple, too.

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